Top 3 Reasons You Should Use The “A” Word In Church


I know what you’re thinking…. “Did she just tell me to curse in Church!?” Of course not. The “A” word I’m referring to is Advertising. So many times I’ve heard Pastors, church administrators and members say, “This is a church, we shouldn’t advertise”. That is simply not true and here’s why:

# 1 It’s A Mandate From Scripture 

Advertising by definition is to describe or draw attention to in a public medium in order to promote sales or attendance. In Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Jesus tells his disciples to go out publicly and share the good news of the Gospel. Advertising is simply sharing information or offers publicly and that’s exactly what witnessing is.

#2 It Brings Awareness

The very essence of advertising is to bring awareness of a business, product, service or opportunity. As a church, your main focus is to reach the lost. How can you do that if they don’t know you exist? Advertising via flyers, banners, a web presence, postcards and the like allows churches to bring awareness to their ministry with the hopes of attracting those who are in need of God’s love.

#3 The Church Is A Business

By law, a church is a 501C3 organization. It is also a corporation with the same daily operations as any other business. Therefore, standard business practices apply to the church; including advertising. Yes, there may be some minor adjustments to the approach, but advertising is absolutely necessary.  One aspect of business that makes the church unique as with many other non-for-profit entities is that the majority of its revenue is derived from donors or members.  Therefore, advertising to reach donors and potential members is critical to its success.

To sum it up, churches are businesses that should have an effective advertising strategy because it is mandated by scripture and will bring awareness to potential members and donors. If you want to know more about Cierra Cole Consulting and how our services can help make a significant impact in your Church or non-for-profit please contact us today!

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