3 Top Reasons To Hire A Graphic Designer

Often times when speaking with potential clients, the question arises, whether directly or indirectly: Why should I hire a graphic designer? In this climate of cookie cutter templates, the “V” Guys and DIY design, it’s easy to see why the value of a graphic designer seems to have diminished. I believe that because anyone with a computer and access to google believes they can call themselves a “Graphic Designer” is the main reason why true graphic designers are so precious and needful. In this article I will list just a few reasons why hiring a graphic designer may be one of the best investments you can make.

Graphic Designers Are Skilled

Just about anyone with a computer and a word processing application can create graphics. However, not everyone can create quality, visually appealing, and relevant graphics. Just because you use a couple fonts and place clip art in a document does not qualify it as graphic design. One of the main purposes of graphic design is to effectively convey the message of the client. As a graphic designer, your job is more than to simply effectively convey the message. You are expected to convey the message in a visually stunning manner. In order to effectively communicate any message a graphic designer has to be skilled in what I call T.R.A.P. management. T.R.A.P. management entails mastering the following elements: Tone, Relevance, Audience and Purpose. You can find out more about T.R.A.P. management in my article “Does Your Graphic Designer Know How To TRAP Your Customers”.

Graphic Designers Have The Necessary Equipment

Everyone knows that there’s only so much MS Word can do. Therefore, most designers have software or applications that allows them to create graphics that the typical word processing application cannot. More importantly, they know how to use that software effectively. When I was training a coworker to use a new application, I told her “Be smart about how you use features and effects, you don’t want to look like a rookie”. What I was telling her in essence was to choose a couple effects and stick with those. You can often times tell an amateur designer just by the overuse of features, effects, colors, fonts, etc. Now, let me clarify; I am in no way saying that mixing it up is bad, but you have to look at the overall picture and determine “Is less more?”.

I personally love to have a lot of visually stimulating elements in my designs. But there are times when that is not appropriate and can have a detrimental effect on the delivery of the message. Sometimes, too much can simply be too much. Also, in design we have something I call organized chaos. At times a design may seem to be really abstract or random, however there is a logic or order to the design. When executed correctly, it can be a great design. But done arbitrarily it simply looks amateur, unorganized, and therefore unprofessional. It’s best to partner with a graphic designer that has the proper applications and understanding of graphic design to ensure that your message is conveyed in a professional and visually appealing way.

Graphic Designers Save You Time & Therefore Money

I will be discussing this in more detail in my article entitled, “How Hiring A Graphic Designer Can Actually Save You Money”, but I will scratch the surface here. Simply put, time is money and hiring a graphic designer can save you allot of time. As a business owner, organizational leader or the like, we all know that time is a precious commodity that we all wish we had more of. However, in the effort to save money many choose to DIY their design work. That’s a big mistake. The time you spend fussing with MS Word or dabbing in Adobe Photoshop to end up with a design that’s less than desirable is simply a waste of time and money.

For example, say you are a business owner or organizational leader and your salary is $70,000 a year. Let’s say that on the modest end you work 40 hours a week. That means that you are paid roughly $34 per hour. You decide to create your own flyer for an event because the graphic designer quoted you $60 for the design. I know what you’re thinking…but I get to “save” the $60 if I do it myself. You spend two days working on the flyer. How much did you just spend? Based on your hourly rate of pay, you’ve spent a whopping $544 on a $60 flyer. WOW! You could have saved approximately 89% or $484 and 16 or more productive hours if you would have hired the graphic designer. Not to mention the fact that you will most likely have a better overall result by allowing a professional designer to create the flyer for you. It makes more financial sense to simply hire a professional to do what they are trained to do.

I hope that I’ve shed some light on why you should hire a graphic designer who understands TRAP management, has the necessary equipment and ultimately saves you money.

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